At Ivy's we bring your idea to life in the form of your well written and published book. We have a team of seasoned ghostwriters on board specializing in various genres. We have successfully delivered publications since 2015 meticulously written, edited, designed and published. Many of the published works we have done has been used at huge city events and small impersonal events. They have created a buzz for our Authors. Some of our Authors also publish their books as small keepsakes, meaning they are only as a gift and not published publicly. 

We are only the vehicle to get you driven and started in going to the next level with your books. You will gain 100% of your royalties that goes directly to you!

We provide services to distribute and publish your book in e-book version or paperback. You have control of all of your rights. Lets get started with an appointment today to bring your vision as an Author to LIFE! 

Bring your vision to life and become an Author

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Evolve: Teen Girl Power Guide

This a fun but educational fill in the blank journal gives teens hope. This guide is a blueprint to your future. Get your copy and find out how to use your magic. Ebook will be available soon


Cash Flow Book

You can make your online events, product launches, trainings, and more POP OUT with our content.

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May 1, 2021

Secrets of the Real Single Mothers

The baby momma of all baby momma's is Chi-Lau. She is a fearless beast and is always on top of her game. Diamond can't wait until Chi-Lau get's what she deserves and Stacey secretly can't wait until Sherish get's a life.

One day, a secret changed things for all of them, including "Him."...

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Woman on Fire 30 Day Guide

Time is everything and there is no more time to waste! It's your time to shine! But first, it begins with you and the hunger that you crave. How long will you allow fear to keep you from becoming the fierce leading woman that you are meant to be? Break the chain and rebirth the new you! Women all over the world are waiting to hear your story....


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