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Teen Power Guides


Teens, tired of waiting for the answers? Want to make your dreams come to life but not sure where to start? You can now get the tools and support you need to get quick answers in this educational and fun pocket size book. Enjoy free templates inside and a blueprint to plan your future. 

Rise above queens and young kings and see how to create your own pathway.


*All published books are available everywhere books are sold

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Teen Girl Power Guide:

Evolve Queen

This fun but educational fill in the blank journal gives teens hope. This guide is a blueprint to your future. Everything women wish they knew as teens is in this cute little pocketbook. Order your copy and find out how to use your magic today!



Paperback available Jan. 1, 2024. Looking for a way out? Wondering why some things have not happened for you yet? Do you feel left out sometimes or like you are misunderstood? Not sure why you have to prove yourself ? Need money but not sure of the best way that works for you? Ready to get an athletic scholarship but not sure of the best ways to get it? Not sure of what to do when you get upset sometimes although you keep trying to find ways to keep calm? Want to make your dreams come to life but not sure where to start? It is now your turn to get all that you have been waiting for. But, first you must recognize your powers. Once you do, you must know how and when to use it.

This “Checkmate” book for young kings (male from 14-21) will guide you into designing a clear blueprint for your future. It will lead you to the answers you've been waiting for. This powerful book is the key to your future. You will become more resourceful, confident, and stronger mentally and in every way. You will be able to defeat many obstacles and reach your ultimate goal. To gain the full benefits of this book, you must engage daily to receive the knowledge provided in order to reach your goals successfully

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